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Desktop Audio Raspberry Pi Logitech Media Server Shopping List

Logitech Media Server IconRaspberry Pi and Logitech Media Server Hardware Shopping List for Audio at Your Desk (or wherever)

Raspberry Pi 3 and HiFiBerry Amp2
Raspberry Pi 3 and HiFiBerry Amp2

I’ve lost track of how many ways I have turned my audio files into sound waves via Logitech Media Server.

Here’s a few:

But, this is an audio streaming hardware setup for Logitech Media Server that I am finally happy with.

(Some Common LMS Commands)

The only confusing part of this setup was incorporating the subwoofer with the HiFiBerry Amp2.

If the subwoofer amplifier has high level inputs (and the Polk sub listed below has these), then daisy chain them together with your speakers like this:

HiFi Berry Amp2 > Sub > Speakers

The Hardware:

This can definitely be improved on.

The Polk sub is just ok, but definitely worth it when it goes on sale. It lists at about $130 USD, but drops to $99 and below on a regular basis.

The Micca speakers are great for the price, but they have a newer more expensive version (Micca RB42) that looks like a worthy successor.

That’s the setup. Let me know if you have something better as I’m always looking to make changes!

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Do you know where I can find a Raspberry Pi with a pre-installed Logitech Media Server? I have a Logitech Squeezebox Touch, but it appears that Logitech has discontinued their services. Suppose I have the Logitech Media Server installed on the Raspberry Pi, It is not clear to me if I can still use the Squeezebox Touch to select the music, control the music volume, etc, or if I need to completely dispose of the Squeezebox Touch because it is no longer being used. In this scenario, what would the user interface be and how would one select music, etc…?

I can’t comment on the Logitech Squeezebox Touch as I have not used one.

I doubt you could find a Raspberry Pi with LMS already installed, but it’s not too difficult to install. See this thread for more info:

When using Logitech Media Server on a Raspberry Pi, it will have a built in web interface that can be accessed via any web browser (such as a desktop computer or mobile device). You can add a “Skin” called “Material Skin” via plugins that works very well. Otherwise there are apps for Android and IOS (I think) that will also work.

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